[Survey]Demand for Surface Tablet is More than Nexus 7 in US

Surface RT tablet was released just about two months ago and it has been a mixed bag in terms of sales,with earlier distribution strategy of limited stores and holiday stores,making the software giant to change their distribution strategy and expand their distribution through non Microsoft channels.

As reported earlier by Microsoft-News,Recent Survey from Park Associates indicate that the Demand for Surface is down from Q3 2012(45%) to Q4 2012(21%)people interested in buying the Surface RT,mostly due to the announced specifications and pricing of the Surface RT devices later.However the Surface RT is still the 3rd Most popular Tablet with 21 % of the users intending to buy the Surface RT,just behind the Kindle Fire which has 24% interest and the topmost iPad 2 with 44% consumers interest.

Despite of the price difference Surface RT still beats the Nexus 7(cheaper android tablet) by almost double the margin,with only 12% of the US consumers intending to buy the Nexus 7 tablet.

with Surface Pro launch right around the corner,Microsoft might need  to rethink on the Surface RT pricing which definitely has the potential to gain more marketshare in the Tablet business which is currently dominated by the Apple iPad.