Windows Store Crosses 20,000 Apps Mark

Windows 8 was launched almost a month ago and with it the Windows Store had a kickstart with almost 8,000 apps at launch.

Now within less than a month later the store has reached 20,000 apps milestone,as reported earlier by WinappUpdate (on Twitter)which is monitoring the Windows Store stats for a while now.

According to their updates the Store now has 20,610 apps in total with 17,958 apps  being free,which takes the tally upto 87% free apps in Windows Store.China is still leading in regional availability with number of apps close to 14,000 apps,United States follows with 12,675 apps in their region.

So almost in a month or so the store has managed to add around 12 to 13000 more apps in the store.This is definitely a good sign for the ecosystem and more importantly of those apps there are big titles like Angry Birds Star Wars and others releasing simultaneously on multiple platforms so with quantity there are quality apps being added in the store.