Windows 8 Play To:Microsoft’s Answer to Airplay

Microsoft recently detailed the Play To feature for Windows 8,which allows streaming of Music,Video and Photos from Windows 8 apps to Xbox and Many other supported devices on home network.

Image Credits [Microsoft]

Talking about the feature on their developer blog,they explained how the developers can take advantage of this feature in their Windows 8 apps.Though there are obvious restrictions for some of the copy protected media which can’t be played using this contract but the unprotected media would work perfectly fine.

This feature is not just restricted to Windows 8 apps but the websites running in Internet Explorer 10 can also take advantage of  Play To Contract,this feature is automatically enabled for Music,Video and Photos In IE10.The browser tries to identify the best media item to use as the Play To source, favouring the  elements that are currently playing, selected, in-focus, and actively in view.IE 10 Would automatically ignore small videos/music with length smaller than 5 seconds and images with resolution lower than 300×300 pixels,these type of media will not be auto enabled.If Play To would stand out as a winner against its counterpart Airplay? Well only time will tell.

Checkout the Official Blog Post for more details.