[Video]Surface RT Goes Hot and Cold in Torture Test!

We have already seen a few stories of Surface RTs durability with Steve Sinofsky taking it to spin to the recent Car run over accident.Surface came out strong in both cases with a few scratches on body but still working.

So taking inspiration from these events,CNets Jeff Cannata decided to test the surface tablet to extreme torture test.

First he put the Surface tablet in a freezer for 2 and a half hours and checked out if it was working or not.Surface survived the freezer and worked smoothly.After that Jeff upped the ante and put the Surface tablet in an Oven to bake an egg! after almost an hour into 250 degrees of heat,the surface still worked well,though this time there was screen discoloration,but the tablet was still functioning.

Next up he spilled a glass of Wine on the tablet,this time around th etablet did take a beating,with the touch response gone.

In the bonus torture tests,Jeff took the surface for a spin,only this time around the casing got crached in the middle,though surprisingly the display glass was pretty solid,until he dropped it from above his head on the corner,which eventually broke the display.

The surface did survive the first two heat and cold tests and the skateboard test Jeff really took it for a crazy spin and even after that the glass was pretty much ok!So we would have to give it to surface for its exceptional build quality and we would like to advise the users not to try this at home,school or anywhere else! unless of course you want to end up loosing your money!