Surface RT Survives a Car Accident !

We already saw the Surface RT being tested to check its durability with the 30″ Drop test and the whole skating thingy by Steve who took it for the spin and then again a drop demonstration at the launch event .

But if that’s not enough to prove its durability,then read this,the Tablet has survived a car accident,which ran over the Surface tablet,and here is what it looked like after the accident.

A guy who first posted on his Twitter Page¬†¬†about the build quality of Surface RT.He forgot his Surface RT on top of his car only to realise after a while.Here’s what he had to say,

Each car passed by with the tires on each side of the Surface until the very last car. The tire of the car ran completely over the Surface and next thing I saw was my brand new $700 tablet and touch cover flying through the air in separate directions! My heart jumped, and so did I! I jumped out of my car and ran across the street to first grab the tablet, then the Surface, and then my phone which of course fell out of my lap during all this. I jumped back in my car just before 60 mph traffic made its way to me!


So those who still have some doubts about the build quality of Surface RT this will surely clear all your doubts.