Surface Pro may have around 4 Hours of Battery Life!

A few hours ago Microsoft revealed the official pricing details for its Intel based Surface i.e the Surface Pro,with the 64 GB version starting at $899 and the 128 GB version at $999.

The device features many improved features( being a pro device) like the core i5 Processor,1080P screen and other connectivity features.But as tweeted earlier by Microsoft’s Surface General Manager Panos Panay ,answering a persons query on Twitter about the battery life comparison between the Surface RT and Surface Pro.He said that the Surface Pro’s battery would be approximately half of the Surface RT.So it puts Surface Pro with around 4 hours of battery life and drags the device back to the old Laptop era with the 4-5 hours battery life devices.

With its competitors providing double the battery life for a lesser price tag(iPad devices and the Nexus tablets) this surely puts Surface Pro under a lot of pressure and a raises  lot of  questions regarding the choice of battery and the processor.

Even in comparison with its own platform puts the Surface Pro at a sales risk.Since there are already a lot of Windows 8 tablets floating around witha better battery life with the likes of Acer w510 (running Intel Atom processors)with 9 hours of battery life( doubles up to 18 hours with the keyboard)  and its bigger brother W700 with the core i3 Processor giving upto 9 hours of battery life and this is the trend for the other Windows 8 devices as well.