[Rumor]Windows Blue Update To Introduce New Update Model!

Windows. Blue has been the talk of the town even before the launch of  Windows 8, with few reports caliming that this would be the next update to Windows 8 slated for release next year.

Recent findings from TheVerge suggests that Windows Blue would introduce a new standardize approach with more regular updates for Windows and Windows Phone ecosystem.The Update is said to be having some UI changes In the platform and also the pricing of this update will be lower(or possibly even free of cost) in order to ensure that everyone install this update on their Systems.

Soon After this update release Microsoft will update the Wndows SDK Supporting the new release and will stop accepting apps Specifically built for Windows 8 and pushing the developers to move to the blue platform for apps development.However the Windows 8 apps will run on this update despite of the changes in the SDK.For upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows Blue users will need to have a genuine Windows license or the pirated Version if detected while upgrading will not allow the built in apps and Windows Store to function after the upgrade.

This is still an unconfirmed report,as none of the representatives from the company were ready to talk about this update.

Source[The Verge]