Rogue AntiVirus Program For Windows 8 Spreads Over the Web!

Windows 8 is less than a week old,but we already have reports of a Rogue Anti Virus Program(Malware) for Windows 8 Operating System.

As reported earlier by TNW,security software  maker Trend Micro has detected a Fake AntiVirus program with the name TROJ_FAKEAV.EHM.

This malware is encountered when users visit a malicious site ,it displays a fake scanning result and encourage them to purchase the fake antivirus program,this program is packaged as a security program made for Windows 8. Trend Micro also detected another threat to Windows 8 ,a phishing email which pretends to give the users a free download of Windows 8 operating system,but the users end up giving his personal information to the site. So next time you encounter such program over a website or an email in your inbox be alert!

Source:[Trend Micro]