Microsoft’s Secret 7″ Weapon is Xbox Surface Tablet!

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet has been the best kept secret.There wasn’t a clue of such a thing is in the works by the software giant until a couple of days before the official reveal a few months ago.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with their next Big(or Small) thing in the tablet market.TheVerge¬†reports from sources familiar to the plan ¬†that the software giant is working on a 7″ gaming tablet under their popular Xbox Division the “Xbox Surface”.


Image Credits [Shifted2U]

The tablet specifications are in accordance with the rumored 7″ tablet which were floating around the web Before the surface event.The tablet would probably feature a custom ARM or an unannounced Intel based SoC and it won’t be running on Windows 8 but a custom Windows Kernel since the prime focus of the device is gaming.So don’t expect much on the apps Front other than basic tablet functions and messaging.