Add the Good O’l Widgets to Your Windows 8 Lock Screen with TuneUp IncrediLock

Windows 8 was launched almost a month ago with many innovative and new features like The Start Screen,Modern UI apps,Windows Store etc.

But one of the features which was missing from the list was the Windows  Desktop widgets and Just days after the public release we have an app which not only boosts your Wallpaper library with hundreads of beautiful wallpapers,but it also adds the aility to add up Widgets to your Lock Screen.

Currently there is a Sticky Note widget available for lock screen with weather,picture frames and many more widgets to be added soon via updates.Moreover the app is available absolutely free of cost over Windows Store!

So if you miss those Desktop widgets days for your Windows 7 or Vista you can head over to the store and download the app.The app works fine for both Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices.


Download Now[TuneUp IncrediLock], via [Microsoft-News]