Windows Store Apps Numbers Shows Astounding Growth,Reaches 3,600Apps

Windows Store for the Windows 8 based apps has been growing steadily after the Windows 8 RTM launch and as we inch closer to the public release of Windows 8  there is a surge in the Windows Store with The store reaching 3,610 apps with 3weeks for the release.

We were expecting  around 3,000 apps for the launch,but courtesy the growing number of apps in the store we might see over 5000 apps in the store before the launch.

Image Credits[WinAppUpdate]

Windows Store app tracking site WinappUpdate, recently reported that the store is growing at a rate of  118 apps per day and during the 3 days of last week the store saw an average of 240 apps submissions per day.

The store is dominated by free apps with as many as  88% of the apps available for free in the Windows Store. Gaming still holds the number one spot in the app categories with 18% of total apps,followed by entertainment with 13% of total apps and tools with 10% of the total number of apps in the store.

By the looks of it,it seems to be going good as far as the Windows Store goes and we can expect a good quantity and quality of apps in the store by the time Windows 8 hits General Availability.