Surface RT gets 4/10 Repairability Score by iFixit

IFixit is well known for its Teardowns of Apple products and Recently launched Surface RT got the Teardown treatment after the launch last week.

Image Credits[iFixit]

Surface RT scored 4/10 repairability score(10/10 being the Easiest)Making it easlier to repair than the iPad 3 which has a repairability score of 2/10.Though That doesn’t make it easy enough to repair it as compared to The android tablets which are rated at 8/10.

Here’s the Summary of iFixit Surface RT Teardown,

  • Several components are modular and replaceable without requiring desoldering.
  • You can remove the battery pretty easily — once you’ve suffered through the opening procedure.
  • It’s pretty difficult to remove the rear panel and gain access to the device.
  • It is impossible to remove the keyboard connector without first removing the display from the frame.
  • LCD and glass are fused together and strongly adhered to the case, increasing cost of replacement.
  • You’ll have to use a heat gun and lots of patience to gain access to the glass and LCD.