[How To] Add Administative Tools to Windows 8 Start Screen

So by this time,many of you must have upgraded your systems to Windows 8 operating system,with irresistible upgrade offers from Microsoft it was bound to happen.

Windows 8 Start Screen lists all the Modern UI based apps installed on the System,but if you are missing those administrative tools of the desktop version like Computer Management,Disk Clean Up etc. You can add up those icons in the Start screen as follows.

1.First of all move your cursor to the right corner to bring up the Charm Bar and click on Settings


2. After that click on TilesĀ option


3.Then Turn ON the Show Administrative Tools option


4.Now you can see the Administrative options on your Start Screen,you can directly click on them to use the utility.


You can Turn Off the Icons the same way as you Turned them By following this,

Charm Bar\Settings\Tiles\ Turn Off Show Administrative Tools and you will be back to your Start Screen with no Administrative Tools.