[How To] Activate Windows 8 Using Your Product Key

A couple of days ago,i purchased the upgrade of Windows 8 Pro and installed the operating system on a separate partition(dual boot setup with Windows 7),but while installing Windows 8 Pro on my laptop,the activation dialogue didn’t appear in the process.

In order to personalize the PC Windows activation is a must,so that we can personalize the start Screen and the lock screen of Windows 8.

So i stumbled across Nice tutorial on Windows 7 Hacker, here’s how to Activate your copy of Windows 8 Using Product Key,

1. Go to the Start Scren and Search for CMD(command prompt),and check Run as Administrator


2. Type slui 3 in the command prompt and hit Enter


3.Windows Activation Window will open up,Enter your Windows 8 Product Key in the text box


4.Thats it,after clicking Activate,you will get this final Window after the activation is complete

Now you can personalize your Windows Start Screen and other stuff.If you haven’t yet purchased the upgrade cheeckout how you can get your Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $14.99.