4 Million Upgrades to Windows 8 within First 4 Days

At the ongoing Build developer conference 2012,Steve Ballmer revealed the numbers for Windows 8 upgrades since it’s launch last week.

Within the first 4 days of the Windows 8 launch There have been as many as 4 million upgrades to Windows ,thanks to the lucrative upgrade offers from Microsoft starting as low as $14.99 for the users who recently bought Windows 7 PC (2nd June to 31st January 2013) and for others with Windows 7,Vista and XP license for $39.99 upgrade.

These number ¬†exclude the licenses sold to the various OEM’s who are bringing their Windows 8 devices to stores.This is indeed a great start for a much criticised operating system which has been on the receiving end of the harsh words about the Start Screen and the removal of Traditional Start Menu.

We can expect a further boost in the numbers with the growing Number of Apps in the store and the developer interest in Windows 8 and the Surface Pro devices which will be released in the first quarter of 2013.