Windows 8 Companion App For Windows Phone Spotted

For what we all know that with the introduction of XBox Music Services,it was just a matter of  time for the end of Zune branding by Microsoft.Which also mean that Zune desktop client which is used for Syncing Windows Phone,will soon be replaced by an alternative app come Windows Phone 8.

Recently,Windows 8 Companion app for Windows Phone was spotted by TheVerge.This app will sync the  Windows Phone devices,it will also provide quick access to photos, documents, music, and video on Windows Phone devices, allowing users to import or export data to handsets,as a replacement to the Zune App.The companion app will be automatically installed for Windows Phone 8 users on a Windows 8 based system whenever  a device is connected.

As far as the Windows 7 users are concerned,they will get an equivalent desktop app to manage their Windows Phone devices.The app is expected to be released over Windows Store on the launch of Windows 8 which is scheduled for 26th October.