Windows 8 Retail Box Packaging Revealed

Last week Microsoft Released Windows 8 to Manufacturers,with the public release slated for October 26th 2012.Microsoft is gearing up for the big release and so are we,bringing every news about the upcoming operating system from the software giant.

The latest one comes from TheVerge,who managed to get hold of the images of the retail boxed version of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro version of the operating system.While the Windows 8 SKU will feature a Windows 8 Style UI logo with a white colored box,the Windows 8 Pro SKU version will have the same logo with a black colored box.While the ARM version of Windows i.e Windows RT will not be available as a retail package but will be pre installed in the ARM based hardware devices.

Though the announcement about the Retail pricing of Windows 8 is yet to be made public.As of now we only got the pricing details of the upgrade plans which  stands at $39.99 for Windows 8 Pro upgrades from XP,Vista and Windows 7 until 31st January 2013.As we inch closer to the official release we can expect a word on the Retail pricing from Microsoft in coming weeks.