Microsoft Details File History,Their Answer to Apple’s Time Machine !

With Windows 8 RTM right around the corner,its ideal time to revealĀ  some of the marquee features of the upcoming operating system from the Software Giant.

Image Credits[Microsoft]

Yesterday on their official Building Windows 8 Blog,Microsoft detailed their upcoming feature for Windows 8 named “File History”,which was introduced earlier in the Consumer Preview build earlier this year.File History is the Microsoft counterpart of the popular feature of Mac OSX the “Time Machine”.

“File History” is a backup application for Windows 8 which will replace the existing Windows Backup and Restore feature in Windows 7.The feature that continuously protects your personal files stored in Libraries, Desktop, Favorites, and Contacts folders,by periodically (by default every hour) scanningĀ  the file system for changes and copies changed files to another location.So Every time any of your personal files has changed, its copy will be stored on a dedicated, external storage device selected by you.By doing this time and again, File History builds a complete history of changes made to any personal file.

As compared to the current scenario in which only 5% of consumer PC’s use the backup feature in their operating system,making the system vulnerable to system crashes.So with this Feature Microsoft is making the feature more user friendly so the users won’t hesitate trying out this feature,so after Turning it ON,they can rely on the automatic backup feature which will run in the background without interfering in the users day to day work.

Checkout the Official Post for More Details on File History.