Accidental Blog Post Lets Slip The Windows 8 Release Preview,Releases Later Today

For what we all know Microsoft was quite eager to release the Windows 8 Release Preview by the first week of June.But it seems like they don’t want to wait for the month change on their calendar.

An accidental Blog Post on Windows Hardware and Driver Developer Blog revealed the launch date of Windows 8 Release Preview to be 31st May(Today),Though the post was later pulled off,not before Neowin Could notice it.

The post was pulled off instantly after a few minutes ,but what it did was it revealed the download links for the Windows 8 Release Preview.Though at the moment the download links point to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ,expect those links to be updated later today with the download links of Windows 8 Release Preview.

Here are the download links :

Windows 8 Release Preview [Download]

Windows 8 Driver Kit:[Download]

Visual Studio 2012 Professional:[Download]

(Bookmark the above links so that you can download the release preview when it launches in a few hours from now.