[Rumor] Huawei Working on Windows 8 Tablet and Windows Phone 8

We already know that there would be an array of windows 8 tablets from  some of the biggies and also from some small vendors when Windows 8 launches later this year.

Now there apparently will be one more entrant in the list of Windows 8 tablet makers,Huawei is said to be working on their version of Windows 8 tablet,which is said to be a 4G LTE device,though there are not much details available at the moment,like if this tabalet would be a x86 based device or based on the ARM architecture based processors.

Not restricting their reach to only the tablet business,but according to WPDang,they are also working on Windows Phone 8 handsets,not one but two different devices are expected from the company when Windows Phone 8 update releases later this year.Of which one is said to cost around $315  based on their existing android based  hardware device specifications,while the second one would be a bigger one with over 4″ display size.

It would be interesting to see companies like Huawei which is known to make devices with great hardware specifications available for lesser costs than the biggies,it would definitely give the biggies like Nokia,HTC and samsung run for the money.

Via [IntoMobile]