Microsoft Pitching In For More Programming Language Support for Windows 8

Microsoft is trying to bring more programming language support to the upcoming Windows 8 operating system ass well as the Win RT.Currently Windows 8 supports a number of languages  like the C++, JavaScript/HTML5, Visual Basic, Visual C# and XAML.

Lovell’s Architectural Diagram(Image Credits Devxpress)

According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley Microsoft wants developers to bring even more to the new Windows runtime (WinRT).During the recent Lang.Next conference at Microsoft,Martyn Lovell, Development Manager for the WinRT team,reveal their plans to bring more language support to Windows 8.

This is what Lovell said at the Lang.Next Conference,

“Will WinRT be at home in each language? ,Yes, but never perfectly.”, he added that he ,“wants developers to create languages for the new (WinRT) developer platform.”

Image Credits[Bitcrazed]

The latest Windows 8/WinRT architectural diagram is as shows above.Microsoft officials have been encouraging developers to  embrace languages like  HTML5/JavaScript and C++ when writing new Metro-style apps.But the generic mindset of any developer is to develop in the language in which he’s familiar with,so this initiative from Microsoft would encourage the developers to write apps in their own language for Windows 8.

Adding more programming language support would mean that developers from other languages can bring their apps to the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.So we can expect quality as well as a good quantity of apps coming to Windows Store if the developers from the other languages show interest in developing Metro Style apps for Windows 8 Store.