Start8 Windows 8 App to Bring Start Menu To Windows 8

A couple of days ago we posted a workaround to bring the Good O’l Start button and Start Menu on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.As all of us know that Microsoft removed the start button and start menu from the consumer preview,a move which was welcomed by some as well as criticized by many of the enthusiasts over the world.

Stardock is planning to release an app named Start8 for windows 8 which will bring back the Start Menu on Windows 8.The app is expected to be released within a weeks time.

Here are some of its features:

  • - Adds a “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
  • - Enables quick access and searching of your installed applications
  • - Adds Run… option via right-click menu
  • - Adds Shutdown… option via right-click menu

You can sign up over their official Start8 app page to get notified when the app gets finally released.The app will be made available free of cost.If you don’t want to wait for the app you can try out the workaround we posted to bring back the Start button with menu on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.