[Rumor]Windows 8 Release Candidate Build To Be Released in May !

It was almost a month ago that Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview at the MWC 2012,which got a tremendous response from the users with over 1 million downloads on day one itself.It also got a lot of positive reviews.

Image Credits[Winunleaked.tk]

The Final release of Windows 8 is expected somewhere around the final quarter of the year,but in the meanwhile Microsoft is busy prepping the Release Candidate Build.Now WinUnleaked has leaked yet another rumor ,this time around for the tentative release date for the Windows 8 Release Candidate.According to them the Release Candidate is expected to go public in May or the early June.

The Release Candidate build has been labeled as HB1 in the ISO tag, So the actual builds are ” Post-BETA “.Some of the changes which can be noticed in the Release Candidates are Charm bar, Language input menu, Internet Explorer 10 (Desktop version), a bunch of color set etc.The Customer Experience Improvement Program has been disabled by default.

Though this is still a rumor but if we look at the history of leaks by the site ,this one looks quite a probable one.We’ll keep a watch on more news about the Windows 8 Release Candidate.