Nokia Design Chief Confirms Plans for Windows 8 Tablet

Over the past few weeks we have seen a lot of buzz around the supposed Windows 8 tablet from Nokia,with concept pictures emerging for the Lumia tablet concept running Windows 8 and as Nokia gets closer to Microsoft with their Windows Phones deal,the rumor seems quite plausible one.

 Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Concept Created by a Fan

Now according to recent reports by Reuters ,Nokia’s Design Chief  Marko Ahtisaari  revealed the company’s plans for Windows 8 tablet in an interview with Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti,which was later on published in the Magazine ‘Optio’ .Marko Said that “We are working on it,” and that he’s spending a third of his time on creating a tablet.

The CEO of Nokia and ex Microsoftie Stephen Elop has already said that the  category is interesting for the Finnish company, but also said that there  is a need for a different approach  to battle against the the market which is currently being dominated by  Apple iPad.

A company’s spokesman also talked about the tablet plans,but he also added , “We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but have made no specific announcements”.

Nokia is been working hard to bring a successful product with their Lumia Series of Windows Phones and if the early sells of first quarter are any indication Nokia has emerged as the top Windows Phone seller within its first quarter with overselling the competitors like HTC and Samsung which were in the Windows Phone business for over a year.

So if Nokia comes up with a Windows 8 tablet it will also bring Microsoft one step closer to bring the Windows Ecosystem closer with Windows 8 Windows Phone 8 and Xbox Live Services.