Microsoft Project Detroit : A Ford Mustang Powered by Windows 8 and Kinect

Microsoft is always upto something new in the Technology World combining the best technological products with new ideas.Latest addition to that is the “Project Detriot” which is nothing but a Ford Mustang powered by Windows 8 and Kinect Technology.

“Project Detroit,” will be formally unveiled on Discovery’s Velocity Network this Sunday, March 25 at 9pm PT/ET,though it won’t stop Channel 9 to reveal more details about the car which is power packed with as much as Microsoft Technology as possible.

The car packs in Kinect,Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone integration which allows to find, unlock, and start the car via a Viper-developed Smart Start app.Car also features 4G connectivity which allows to connect to Services Like Bing Maps, Viper’s Smart Start system, and a cloud-based data store in Windows Azure which allows  tracking telemetry like GPS location, speed, engine RPMs, and fuel level.

The dashboard instrument cluster is a Touch Screen which allows to apply different dashboard skins for the Car,IT also features a built-in Xbox 360 and a Kinect, so you can set it to project movies or games onto the rear windshield.You can also play Xbox games on your windshield.

On the front and back side of the car there are  separate Kinect cameras which will allow skeletal tracking and live video feeds of surrounding areas and objects, in addition to that  Windows Phone can be used to view those camera feeds remotely.

Checkout the Complete Features of the Mustang at Channel9.