Enable Start Orb and Start Menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

One of the biggest changes in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is the Removal of Start Orb along with the Good o’l Start Menu with it,a move which was said to be necessary to emphasize on the Metro UI and the new Start Screen Page with Tiles making it more touch friendly.

But with many likings for the new Metro UI also come many dislikes as well.So for those who don’t like to use the Metro UI and those who want to bring back the Start Button along with the Start Menu,ViStart is the way to go.It was initially  designed for bring  the Windows Vista’s Start Menu to Windows XP,but it also works for the Windows 8 versions as well,thanks to the recent updates to the software.

Here’s how to do it,

  • First of all download the Vistart app make sure that you skip the additional optional downloads while installing the app).
  • After installing the app you will get the Start button on the taskbar,but it will overlap with the first pinned taskbar icon.

As you can see the Start button overlaps the Internet Explorer icon to fix that issue,you have to create a new toolbar using the following steps,

  • Create a New Folder on Desktop as shown below.


  • After Creating the folder  you need to Right Click on the Windows Taskbar >Toolbars >New Toolbar to create new toolbar  from the menu.


  • Browse through the  newly created folder and select the folder.


  • Now right-click on the  taskbar and uncheck “Lock The Taskbar”option from the menu.


  • This will unlock the Taskbar so now you can move the “New Folder” Taskbar element anywhere on the Taskbar,so position the element to the Start Orb.


  •  Now right click on the taskbar element “New folder”  which is under the Start orb and uncheck the  “Show Text” and “Show title” in the menu.

Now you have the Start Button and the Start Menu running on your Windows 8 Consumer Preview  :)