Windows Phone Mango Game Ported to Windows 8 With 90% Code Reuse

We might haven’t got the Windows 8 Store experience which will be released along with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview in less than 2 weeks from now,but that’s not stopping the developers to build apps for the upcoming store with Metro apps.

One of the Windows Phone developer  Rick Walrond, who has developed a game for Windows Phone 7.5 named AlphaDrops ,he has successfully ported the game from Windows Phone to Windows 8,as shown in a recent video posted by him on Youtube.It took Walrond two weeks to port the game from Windows Phone to Windows 8 and talking about the coding part,almost 90% of the code was reused while porting it to Windows 8 platform.

The Video Features the Game running on Samsung Tablet powered by Windows 8 Developer Preview.The Windows 8 port can share leader-board information  with the Windows Phone 7 counterpart.So no matter on which device you play the game be it a Windows 8 device or Windows Phones,your scores can be updated and can compare them with others using any such devices users.

Though there’s no official announcement about this game from Microsoft about the launch titles for Windows Store but we can expect it to be made available in near future.

Checkout the Video in Action: