Windows 8 Design Choices Detailed

With Microsoft bringing in new Metro style UI in its latest offering “Windows 8″, a lot is expected of it. In an interview to Gizmodo the man behind the new UI Microsoft’s Sam Moreau, the Director of User Experience for Windows, explains more about the kinds of decisions that the company has made to make Windows 8′s new UI work.

When asked about how does he feel to know that Metro will be used so many people around the globe and how was the experience of designing, he states,

Scary. It’s one of the coolest design challenges I can ever think of. And definitely the coolest one I’ve had in my entire career is to design something that is not necessarily broken.It’s super exciting to do that, to design something that you know, by definition, gets to affect the future of computing. Being at Microsoft, being at Windows, that’s the seat you get to sit in. Really scary, but really awesome. It’s no problem getting up every morning and going to work because you can think, “Oh, I can change the Start menu today.” Then I drive home with an ulcer because I can change the Start menu today. And that’s how computers work for the whole world. That’s harrowing.When we designed this, none of this stuff existed, so it’s pretty hard. We were pretending, carrying pieces of cardboard around, sort of a 16:9 cut out. We noticed when we were doing that with these pieces of cardboard, and we had different sizes of them, that my thumbs are really important. And that led us to, “What if we base the whole interaction model on thumbs? What if the whole thing is just based on thumbs?” Nobody else does that. Notice where my thumb is and where Start is, when I just naturally hold the machine. But we didn’t have a machine, it was like cardboard and paper.

When asked about design work are you putting into the desktop,he explained

Visually we haven’t done a ton, but we’ve added a lot of features. We have the reset feature, we have all these complicated storage spaces where you can set up your different drives and un-dock them and dock them around and all these you know more power-user type features, and we did the command center for the file system with the ribbon.

Another question asked was, is there Any difference in UI or animations with ARM-based Windows 8? To which he answered,

We had to work on animations and different frame-rates based on the behaviors of ARM We’re working to make them the same. Our goal is always to not have any ‘forks’ in anything because it’s just more efficient. Where we’re at now, it’s still a goal—we still haven’t finished deciding whether that works or not because we have to get a bunch of ARM stuff in and test it.

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