Windows 8 Consumer Preview Launched with over 100,000 Major Code Changes

As we reported a few moments ago,Microsoft released the much awaited Windows 8 Consumer Preview at the Mobile World Congress.Windows 8 which is targeted not just for the desktops and laptops but tablets as well,with wide range of architecture support with ARM making an entry in the business,though the ARM version of the devices won’t be able to run Metro Based apps like the x86 counterpart.

At the event at MWC 2012 Steven Sinofsky revealed that the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 has over 100,000 major code changes from the Developer Preview which was released in September at the Build Conference.

Sinofsky also talked about the enhanced driver support for the add on hardware devices running on Windows 8 Consumer Preview,courtesy the development of new class driver for Windows 8, which will allow all sorts of hardware to work seamlessly with the OS and any additional drivers won’t be a necessity.He extended by saying that almost 80-90 percent of printers will automatically work without any driver installation required,making the Windows 8 fresh install ready to go.

You can download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Right Now from Here.