SkyDrive and Windows 8 Integration Opens Up Many Possibilities

Microsoft Recently detailed the Skydrive Metro app integration in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system,integrating the complete system with the cloud services so that users can connect files and the apps they are using with the cloud courtesy the deep integration of Skydrive with Windows 8.

Talking about the Metro Version of the SkyDrive app built on WinRT,the app will be made available from the consumer preview itself,the interface has been optimized for touch screens.SkyDrive will be  available for use from any Metro style app via the file picker (open/save) as well as from the new Share charm in Windows 8.And over the time the Metro app and the web app will converge ,so there won’t be any issue with using the Metro app or even the web version of it,since the performance won’t get affected.

One of the amazing features of this integration is that it enables integration of apps to SkyDrive using charms and contracts.This will also bring a file cloud for every Metro based app,which will allow us to open files in SkyDrive and save them on the same Account similar to the file you used to save on local hard drive.This feature is supported on any app which  supports open and save for documents and photos.For this to work all you need to do is register your email address on a PC that’s running Windows 8 and after that , whenever you save files on SkyDrive, every Windows 8 device you use will provide seamless access to those files.

Talking about the desktop version of the skydrive app,by the first look of it,it looks deceptively similar to the dropbox app.Once installed the SkyDrive will start syncing into the folder you choose (the default location is in a SkyDrive folder under your user folder: %userprofile%\SkyDrive\) and it will  be up-to-date with the latest changes made to it.

Image Credits[Microsoft]

Those who won’t be using Windows 8,no worries the skydrive desktop app will also be available for Vista as well as Windows 7 version.Skydrive will support file uploadd as large as 2GB.We will see the First release of Skydrive app with the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which releases on 29th February.

Update: Here is the video showing skydrive integration in Windows 8