Microsoft To Launch New Music Service Later This Year [Rumor]

With the launch of Windows 8 nearing, it seems Microsoft is considering to supplement it with the rumored launch of a new Music Service. Well, this is the latest rumor doing the rounds which mentions the software giant’s new venture in the music stream. According to this new rumor which was initiated today by ,the site claims, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft is in negotiations with a number of the major music companies about this new service. The speculated music service will be targeted for platforms like the Xbox 360 and an unnamed Windows Phone-based device.

While the negotiations are still in the preliminary stage, the site claims that Microsoft would like to launch this new music service later this year.Also, it is speculated that it would support both streaming music and  music downloads. The Windows Phone device that would support the unnamed service could be made by Nokia or HTC.

While Microsoft already possesses its own music service, the Zune Music Pass, which can be used on Windows Phone 7-based devices as well as PCs and the Xbox 360. The subscription service offers access to millions of tunes for a $9.99 monthly fee. And with the service to be integrated with XBox, the record companies will welcome the chance to have a higher profile on the XBox, with its 40 million worldwide XBox Live subscribers, as well as on any new Windows phones.

As Microsoft already possesses music licenses, it’s still unclear whether Microsoft must acquire new licenses for its service .Also, it remains to be seen of what would happen to Zune Music Pass,will it replaced by this new service or if this new service would simply be an upgrade to the existing Zune Music Pass.


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