AMD Prepping New Processors Eying Windows 8 Tablet Launch in 2012

With the likes of Intel’s and the  ARM processor makers are getting ready for the big launch of Windows 8 tablets with their versions of processors,how can AMD the toughest competitors of Intel in x86 based processors stay behind?

According to the latest reports by VentureBeat,in a recent analysts meeting AMD revealed their plans for the tablet market for this year,stating that they will ship  their  first chips designed to provide the processing and graphics power for tablet computers.

Image Credits[Venturebeat]

First Tablet optimized chip slated to be released later this year codenamed Hondo will be a combination of CPU+GPU and will be an energy efficient low power consumption chip keeping in mind the battery life of the Tablets.They also confirmed that we will see AMD processor powered Windows 8 tablets will be released this year.

So while ARM had its pluses in low power consumption and low costs of processors for the tablets,intel and AMD are bringing their own versions of x86 based low power consuming chips.We will be seeing an intense battle not just amongst the PC manufacturers like Samsung,Dell,HP and the others but the Chip makers as well,as Microsoft releases the final version of Windows 8 later this year.