Windows Server 8 Beta Setup Screenshots Leaked

A couple of days ago we reported about the Windows 8 beta build 8175 being signed off ,so it was only a matter of time till we get to see the screenshots leak of Windows 8 beta build,but how can we forget yet another release from Microsoft which is also one of the much awaited release are talking about Windows server 8 beta.

As reported earlier by the popular wind0ws 8 leak site Winunleaked.tkĀ  the newest screenshots coming from the Windows Server 8 Beta build installation images.

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According to Winunleaked the beta release comes up with a refreshed dashboard UI and many otherĀ  features,CES 2012 is going to be the lase CES appearance for Microsoft,so we might get to see a glimpse of their upcoming version of Windows 8 beta build along with some other cool stuff like the Windows Phones.