Windows 8 Store and Music Beta App Screenshots Leaked!

A few days ago Microsoft revealed the details about the Windows 8 Store.Just days after the official unveiling of Windows 8 Store which will be released along with the Windows 8 Beta in the month of February early next year has pulled off yet another trick from their hat and this time around have posted some new screenshots of Windows 8 Store.

The first screenshot for the Windows 8 store shows up the application list,while the second one features the upcoming download manager metrofied !


Just hours after these Windows 8 Store Screenshots,Winunleaked leaked some more screenshots this time around featuring the new Music Beta App from the Windows 8 Store.The App looks like a full fledged Metro based app.

The first screenshot  of the Music Beta app shows the Splash Screen of the Music App from the Windows 8 Store.

The second Screenshot features the main menu of the application which consists of music settings and search function for finding music from various destinations(folders,or any other devices).


Next screenshots shows us the split feature of Windows 8 which allows us two apps running  parallel to the Browser app.According to Winunleaked the favorite tracks from the collection can be pinned to the Start Screen as well.

Windows 8 beta might be two months away,but that won’t stop the blogosphere from some more leaks along the way for the release.Stay tuned for more Windows 8 and Windows 8 Scoop.

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