Rage Against Android On Twitter, Win A Windows Phone!

Are you a disgruntled Android phone user? Do you fee like raging and shouting about it? Well, now it is time to benefit form that urge and win a Windows phone in the process. In its latest marketing stunt, Microsoft has decided that a free Windows Phone giveaway is not good enough. Why give them away to good people for praising your product when you can give them away to people who can malign the competition.

After holding other giveaways, the Windows Phone maker now wants you to talk about all your bad experiences with Android on Twitter for a chance to win an Windows Phone. Started by Microsoft’s Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph, this contest urges you to share your malware stories using the hashtag #droidrage for a chance to win a brand new #windowsphone. As to which Windows Phone you actually stand to win, Ben has not been clear on that although many are hoping that it is a brand new Nokia Lumia 800. This phone is arguably the flagship model across the entire line of Windows Phones and clearly the most coveted one.

Microsoft Ben Rudolph Windows Phone Giveaway #droidrage
Microsoft's Ben Rudolph Tweet About The Givaway And Various Reactions

If you look at the screenshot above, you will see that this contest has generated a mixed response from the crowd. Taken at the time of writing, this offer from Ben has gotten some android problem stories across whilst quite a few people are calling it a cheap publicity stunt by Microsoft to gain more exposure. However, depending on the responses it might just turn out to be a brilliant marketing ploy also. So long as it works in favor of the company, it is a success. The average  consumer does not think about all this. All they see is an opportunity to grumble about a problem and stand a chance to win a shiny new gadget in return. When you distill it down to that level, it is a pretty effective strategy to turn your competitor’s consumers against them and win the same consumers to your side. And this is also a good time to do it so that people have some retention of the brand when Windows 8 is launched by mid next year. Hopefully, Windows Phone 8 will not be far behind either.

Interesting problems so far include an LG2X phone resetting it self and a rebooting during a call to a service number to fix a rebooting problem! Another tweet says the users phone short circuited the SD card. That is probably a hardware problem but that’s the advantage of mudslinging — it will all get blamed on Android. So this campaign might pay off for Microsoft after all because after Android, the only place left to go right now is Windows Phone and sure looks good and most importantly — affordable.

This offer is presumably only open to US residents. However, since Ben has not mentioned that in his tweets, he might be able to offer some to residents of other countries as well. After all, if he wants to make an impact, ignoring the Asian market would not be wise. So if you want your #droidrage to be heard, tweet it to @benthepcguy.