McAfee Predicts the Potential Security Threats in 2012 for Windows 8

McAfee a well known entity in computer security has released their predictions for the upcoming threats for the year 2012.The PDF which was released recently predicts the upcoming security threats for mobiles,embedded systems and the computer specific threats including the rootkits that might pose a threat for the upcoming Windows 8 Operating System slated for release in the second half of 2012.

The report also acknowledges the efforts Microsoft have put to make the next and the best operating system till date to make it fool proof against any sorts of attacks,but it also raises a concern about the hackers growing interest in hacking into the system using the rootkits ,Neowin reports.

Rootkits are used to subvert both the operating system and security software, while bootkits attack encryption and can replace legitimate boot loaders. These are advanced techniques to intercept encryption keys and passwords, and even subvert driver-signing defenses employed by some OS’s. Attacking hardware and firmware is not easy, but success there would allow attackers to create persistent malware “images” in network cards, hard drives, and even system BIOS. We expect to see more effort put into hardware and firmware exploits and their related real-world attacks throughout 2012 and beyond. Advances in the Windows 8 bootloader security feature have already caused researchers to show how they can be subverted through legacy BIOS; meanwhile, the product has not even been fully released yet.

We have already seen the first BootKit  for Windows 8 which was demonstrated at the MalCon conference in india earlier this year,though the maker of the Bootkit handed over the code and some suggestions to Microsoft which will benefit the operating system to be more secured than before,we can expect a polished product from Microsoft in the later part of the year.

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