World Eagerly Waiting for Windows 8 Based Tablets

The world of  Tablet is currently filled with a lots of cheap Android based so Called iPad killers/Clones and some expensive android tablets but iPad stands out to be the topmost tablet in terms of market share along with the internet traffic share as well.

Then came the Build conference and Microsoft unveiled their new Offering the Windows 8,the all in one operating system ranging from the desktop,laptops to the tablets with a highly optimized innovative Metro UI and hardware acceleration and lots more features like reduction in run time memory for efficient usage,Windows 8 is going to launch in 2012 with wide range of hardware devices but the surveys have already started flowing into Windows 8 directions with many recent surveys predicting a huge marketshare for Windows based tablets in the coming years.

New entrant in the survey is Boston Consulting Group (BCG) which conducted a research to ask people about what is their preferred Operating System on the Tablets ,according to the survey 4 out of 10 people who were questioned said that they would prefer using Windows based system,while iOS was preferred by 34% chinese people and 27 % Americans ,while android was no where closer to both of them with 18-20 % preference.

So with the rise of the Windows 8 and fall of the ecosystems like Web OS this might very well be the opening microsoft is looking for and the stage is already set for a big leap from microsoft to eye for the Number one slot and not end up  being the close second or third to iOS.