[Rumor]Dell and HP in the Race to Bring Windows 8 Tablets As Early As Q3 2012

It was almost over a month ago when we saw the first glimpse of the Windows 8 the successor to the Windows 7 O.S at the Build conference,with the new Metro UI inspired by the Windows Phones and Start Screen which was tailor made for Tablet usage,not just that but the whole Operating System was highly optimized with reduction in runtime memory usage for better utilization on every machine be it a low configuration one or a high end one.

Though we don’t really have any tentative dates for the official Windows 8 Launch we are always upto covering each and every news for Windows 8,the new entrant in the never ending list of rumors is the upcoming Tablets based on Windows 8 coming as Early as Q3 2012 and we hear that two of the biggies are in the race to bring the Windows 8 Tablet,companies we are talking about here are Dell and HP as reported earlier by Digitimes.

As we all know HP discontinued the Web OS based tablets earlier this year so it was only matter of time till we get to hear about a platform shift from them and if Dell joins in the race we’ll have at least 3 biggies to watch out for Windows 8 based Tablets since we already have Samsung in the running.One more thing to note down here is if the Q3 launch for the tablets then we can expect a parallel Windows 8 launch coinciding with the tablet launch.