Windows Phone 7 IE9 Features Detailed

In a recent update on the official Windows Phone 7 blog site, Microsoft’s Amin Lakhani reveals more about how the Mango update will improve Windows Phone 7′s version of the Internet Explorer 9 web browser.The biggest change they have made is,relocation of the address bar to the bottom of the screen.This allows for better viewing of the page and provide with and thus enhance user experience.















Internet Explorer Mobile in Windows Phone 7 (left), and in Windows Phone 7.5 (right)

Also another important change made is that, the browser in Mango now shares its engine with Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft’s advanced PC browser. As a result, it can now utilize the phone’s built-in graphics processor to make web-based video and animation run faster and smoother. It also has a faster JavaScript engine and supports new web standards like HTML5.

Lakhani says,”By looking at the anonymous usage data that some Windows Phone owners voluntarily submitted to us we found that people spend most of their time simply viewing and interacting with the websites they visit . The address bar—which doubles as a search box—was the most frequently used browser feature. One big surprise was that the favorites and tabs buttons were used much less frequently, even though they were front and center on the screen.”

He further adds,”Since our primary goal in Mango was to put the focus on websites, we decided to move the address bar down into the app bar, and turn the favorites and tabs buttons into menu options.” The new IE9 version also puts the browser’s refresh button next to the address bar for easier access by user.”

The Windows Phone 7 Mango update, complete with IE9, is due out sometime in the coming weeks, with US phone carrier AT&T distributing the update to select handsets this week.

Image credit:Microsoft

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