Windows 8 Reincarnates HTC Shift

Four years ago, HTC introduced their first UMPC(ultra-mobile personal computer)-HTC shift.A quick reminder, the UMPC was Microsoft’s attempt to bring mobile computing to market.UMPCs have enough processing power to support audio, video, and gaming, in addition to having rich support for browsing the internet as well as for other communication and networking applications.

However,the UMPC had two major drawbacks,the UMPC’s number one problem is weight,and another problem would be battery life.These taken into consideration,HTC offered most of the features like other manufacturers and also added a few of their own,like,a fairly large slide-and-shift keyboard and the ability to dual-boot into Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Vista.

But,with the introduction of new developers build of Windows 8 i.e the Windows 8 Developer Preview which was released a few days ago at the Build Conference  with its  highly optimized Metro UI  tailor made for tablets that can be installed on the Shift,its certainly looking good for the shift owners.Although,the Windows 8 installation process is long,and also the users will have to install a lot of HTC Shift specific drivers manually, at the end users will be satisfied.

You can download the Developer Preview from Here

Checkout HTC shift running Windows 8


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