wp7.5 andwp7.0

Developers Can still have access to Windows Phone 7.0 apps for Update Process

As we inch closer to the Mango update release ,we have already seen a some of the Mango devices being released in the Eastern region of the world  and many more coming up over the upcoming weeks to hit the stores all over the world.

As earlier reported on the Windows Phone blog that the developers who’ll submit their Windows Phone 7.5 versions of the applications will not be able to access the Windows Phone 7.0 apps to  modify them.But that’s going to change in less than a months time.Come October they are enabling the functionality to the App Hub that will allow the developers to access the Windows Phone 7.0 apps as well as the Windows Phone 7.5 apps version.

They are also  adding  screenshots and graphics overlay  to the  indicating new features of the recent version so that the developers can optimize their new Windows Phone 7.5 apps.They can be downloaded from Here.