Download Windows 8 Tweaker- Unlock Windows 8 features with a single click

Recently Windows 8 build 7850 has been leaked and we have seen some of the features unlocked by the MDL Forums user NaiveUser. The unlocked features include Windows Explorer ribbon UI, Webcam App, Windows 8 PDF Reader and the modern task manager.

Our friend Rohit Garg has created a simple utility exclusively for us named Windows 8 tweaker which would help Windows 8 build 7850 users to unlock these features with a single click. This is just the beginning, once when more tweaks and newer Windows 8 builds are leaked we would update the tool and add more features to it. Here is the screenshot of this utility-

Windows 8 tweaker


The usage of this tool is very simple. When the tool is opened you have to just click on the applications you want to enable and you would see the Run button once the application is enabled.

If you find any errors or would like to add something just leave a comment below.

Ankur Mittal and Vipul Taneja


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