Microsoft to start working on Windows 8 Milestone 3 soon

Recently their has been lot of news regarding the Windows 8 Builds, according to the information available the latest build compiled is Build 7930. The complete Build string is 6.2.7930.0.winmain_win8m2.110217-1825  which states that this build was compiled on 17th Feb. Canouna has also posted on MDL forums that Microsoft has jumped from Build 7930 to another build,with build string as 6.2.79xx.0.winmain_win8m2_escrow.xxxxxx-xxxx . It clearly states that Windows 8 Build 7930 was the last build before Windows 8 Milestone 2 Escrow and Microsoft is ready to pack Windows 8 Milestone  2 and start working on Milestone 3.

According to information available Microsoft would start working on Windows 8 Milestone 3 from February 28 which would be the last stage before Windows 8 Beta.Windows 8 Beta is also expected to be released somewhere around July 2011 so Microsoft would be working on Milestone 3 for another 4 months and add some new features in it. According to rumors Microsoft has already added multi touch interface, built in App Store and Login using Windows Live ID,but no information is available regarding the changes in user interface in Windows 8 till yet.

Update: The Windows 8 Milestone 2 Escrow build is build 7947.The complete build string is 6.2.7947.0.winmain_win8m2_escrow.110218-1608 which was compiled on February 18

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