Chickens Can Dream Game Released for Windows Phone 7

Chickens Can Dream was released a couple of days ago over the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.It’s more of a prequel and a sign of things to come to the upcoming game from Amused Sloth “Chicken’s Can’t Fly”.

The game which is now available for Free download over the Marketplace has been released for getting the Feedback of the users of the Windows Phone 7 devices giving the user kind of a Preview before the mega launch of the Original Chickens Can’t Fly which is expected to be released in the month of march.

Game Description

Gently guide the chicken through a pit of obstacles and dangers, either to avoid them, or to see how effective they are. Try to keep the chicken alive as long as possible, or try to see in how many ways you can terminate it.
Check facts on the facts-list to show how good of a scientist you are!

  • Over 30 facts to check, with more coming soon
  • Diverse obstacles to overcome: circular saws, flame throwers, boots-on-a-stick and others
  • 10 power-ups to help you (slow time, corn magnet, indestructoid) or hinder you (confused controls, parasite worm, sausage, booze)
  • Now with 68% more chicken than our competitors
  • Get your place on the global highscores!

The game features  a vertical gameplay so no it’s not yet another “angry birds clone”,but rather a new concept which can ensure a good gameplay and is sure to keep you busy playing it for hours on your Windows Phone 7.Personally i liked it when i played it on my Mozart 7 ,quite an addictive game,the gameplay involves motion sensing as well as the Touch input for slowing up the falling chicken and the overall graphics experience is great with no lags whatsoever.Can’t wait to check out the original full version when it launches next month!!!

Download Now: [Chicken's Can Dream]