New security features added to Hotmail to protect against account hijacks

Today Microsoft has released set of new features to safeguard everyone’s account from hijackers. These updates help you protect your password and, in the unlikely event that a hijacker gains access to your account, provide a more secure recovery path so you will always be able to get your account back and kick the hijackers out.

Microsoft has introduced two new kinds of proofs for account recovery.

  • “Trusted PC” is a unique new proof that lets you link your Hotmail account with one or more of your personal computers. Then, if you ever need to regain control of your account by resetting your password, you simply need to be using your computer and we will know you are the legitimate owner.
  • The second new proof option is your cell phone number, where Hotmail will send a secret code via SMS that can be used to reset your password and reclaim your account.


f your account has no proofs set up and you lose access, then to get it back you will need to work with our support team at

[via Inside Windows Live]

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